View Full Version : Virtual DVD-drive is displayed as CD-drive

26.06.2006, 07:54
I have Daemon Tools 4.03 installed on Windows XP SP2 Professional.
I have 2 virtual DVD-drives (E: and G:) and real DVD-RAM drive F:. After installing Daemon Tools everything was fine. After reboot drive G: is displayed as CD-drive in Windows Explorer and there no "Options" in its context menu. After mounting any image and then unmounting it or deleting and reinstalling virtual device everything is ok until next reboot.
Fully deleting Daemon Tools, including dtscsi and sptd, and reinstalling it again didn't help.
All drives work fine, just a display problem.

26.06.2006, 10:24
And, when everything works fine where is the problem ? A little display problem doesnt matter or ?

30.06.2006, 11:43
I also see my virtual drives H and I as cd drives instead of DVD drives, but when I mount a DVD it turns into a DVD drive so there is no problem at all;)