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27.08.2003, 13:42
Hello, there!

Congratulations for your work. Daemon Tools is indeed a wonderfull tool!

I've been using D-T ver 3.26 for some time. Today I've downloaded ver 3.33 and tryed to install it, but I had some problems.

Right after the EULA, the instalation stops with the following statements:

Extracting daemon.msi
CRC failed in daemon.msi
Unexpected end of archive

Is this a bug, or is there something wrong I'm doing?
I tryed also to uninstall the older version (3.26) and made a clean install of 3.33, but the problem's still the same.
I'm running Win98SE, with a P4 and 512Mb memory.

Please help me.

Lisboa (Lisbon) - Portugal

27.08.2003, 15:59
CRC failed in daemon.msi

You probably had a corrupt download. Try to download setup again.