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26.06.2006, 21:46
Ok, I'm not sure if any of this was told in the common questions forum, but if it was, I don't understand it.

After installing Daeman Tools x64, and the Search bar, everytime, I try to load it, it either dosen't load, or norton says that the toolbar is adware. I tried turning Norton off, but it still didn't work.

27.06.2006, 14:07
Questions on the toolbar should be posted in the Daemon Tools Searchbar (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/f33-daemon-tools-searchbar.html) forum. It's possible Norton killed it, as it *IS* adware, though it would be a surprise to me as Norton never seems to do anything about spyware/adware except detect it (sometimes). Decent AV, but their spyware and adware protection is horrible.