View Full Version : Can I copy GTA VC on CD-R without need a crack later?

28.08.2003, 14:14
Is it possible to create a backup of GTA VC, which can be burned on a cd-r and GTA VC can be played from it without emulation?

30.08.2003, 02:33
Yes, if you have a plextor premium writer with blindwrite.

If you don't have a plex premium, a copy that will work without emulation from most (though not all) drives without emulation can be made using the twinpeak/twincreator process with clonecd or alcohol with the assistance of twinpeak and blindwrite's bwa builder or alcoholer.

Of course, there's no reason that you can't also make a copy using alcohol with RMPS emulation that will work from any drive so long as either alcohol or daemon tools is installed and RMPS emulation is activated.

06.09.2003, 13:34
I have a Plextor 48/24/48A with 1.05 Firmware.

Can i do an exact copy of GTA VC with it and if yes, what i have to make?