View Full Version : BSOD on 3.47 install

Disposable Assassin
29.06.2006, 06:36
Operating sys: Windows XP media center Ed
DT ver: 3.46 and 3.47

First I was getting the 25002 error on attempted instal so I went through the procedures in that topic in the Common problems section. Then after completing it (steps 1-6), I attempted to install again and would get a BSOD. Saying:


....stuff about unintalling and starting in safe mode...

***STOP: 0x00000050 (0xF7357600, 0x00000008, 0xF7356FFF, 0x00000000)

***SCSIPORT.SYS - Aress F7356FFF base at F7342000, Datestamp 41107b4b

I tied to uninstall DT but not in Control Panel list so went throught process in error 25002 topic. Restarted, then tried to install again. Got BSOD again so I uninstalled DT again per the error 25002 topic, ran the progams in "BSOD in SCSIPORT.SYS during Daemon Tools installation" topic about Starforce tools drivers. It found no Starforce drivers to remove so I restarted, and tried to install v3.47. Got BSOD again. That puts me here asking for help. Can anyone help me here to get DT installed?

I'd attach the minidump file but can't add attachments to my messages.

29.06.2006, 06:46
Can you try DAEMON Tools 4.03HE?

Disposable Assassin
29.06.2006, 07:28
I still got a BSD when trying to install v4.03. Differnt numpers listed after the ***STOP: and no mention of SCSIPORT.SYS but after resetinng from the BSOD, the installation of v4.03 continued and apparently works since I've opened an image file and ran it fine.

What the BSOD was in relation to, I don't know but I guess problem solved? Thanks Underheaven.