View Full Version : Wont let me mount.

30.06.2006, 10:52
I installed daemon tools a while ago from now, and it used to work and now when I try to mount nothing happens. When I look to mount a file there appears to be nothing in the folder I had put the complete images in. Then, when I mount an Image, I notice that the Virtual device changes from a DVD drive to a CD-ROM and no name of the image will be present after mounting. I also have an extra virtual drive that I havent even wanted. Like I will choose 1 device and after my last physical drive (e:), I get 2 instead. And I also get 3 with 2 desired. 4 with 3, and so on. If there's anything I am supposed to do plz, anyone help me.

30.06.2006, 12:46
What image did you made/use DT doesn't support ALL of the images...and offcourse what program did you use to make the image? I would recommend to make a new image with A120% ( or any other program you use:wink: ) to make a .mdf and/or a .mds file(just look what happens)

sorry for my last post, little bit of a stupid mistake caused by trying to write to fast;)