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28.08.2003, 16:31
Hiya All,

My friend showed me Daemon Tools and I think it is a great program. I realized I can now make ISOs of all my cd's and run them from my hard drive (I just got a 120 GB Maxtor).

The problem I am having is the first cd I try to image it isn't working. I read through the entire help manual and I think I understand a little more about the various security features.

What I am trying to do is make an ISO of the original Sims and the Livin' Large expansion pack. I downloaded Alcohol 120% and tried the "Image Making Wizard." From there I wasn't sure what Datatype to use so I tried almost all of them.

The problem it is having is that there are a bunch of error messages that come up that say "Error reading sector XXXX." It happens over and over again. If I leave the "Skip reading errors" box unchecked it just stalls on the first error (sector 1071, a merely 2.1 mb into the image process).

How should I go about making an ISO of the orginal Sims, and the Livin' Large Expansion Pack? Should I just let all those errors happend and wait for Alcohol 120% to finish? What about the type of output file? Does it have to be .iso or can it be one of the others?

Please help!


WinXP Pro SP1

P.S. I also searched for "The Sims" on this site already but I didn't understand them completely. Here are the links...


28.08.2003, 19:58
Use the safedisc datatype in image making wizard. And ignore any read errors.