View Full Version : New SPTD-driver 1.25 Released

03.07.2006, 00:12
Dear Community,

we updated latest DaemonTools (V4.0.3) with latest available SPTD-Driver (V1.25)!

The new SPTD fixes several critical issues, a problem with McAfee-Virus-Scan and VistaBeta2-Problems!
The X64-Version also fixes the latest issues between SPTD introduced by Microsoft-patch KB 914784

We strongly recommend to upgrade to this version, several internal changes increased (hopefully)
system-stability! To get support at our forums you MUST have latest version installed! This is to make
sure that your problems aren't caused by outdated SPTD-drivers. We apologize for any inconvenience!

To update your version without hassle in case DaemonTools V4.0.3 is already installed,
just check our "Common Problems and Solution"-forum.