View Full Version : Virtual Drives will not show in My Computer

03.07.2006, 04:29
First of all i have read everything there is on this in Common Problems, consequently it didnt solve mine. I have Daemon installed on 3 other computers, it works fine. However, on this computer as soon as i set the drive numbers and the drivers finish installing, they disappear. There is no exclamation mark next to the devices in device manager. I only have the option to update drivers, not install, and even when i point the update to the windows/inf directory as instructed in the post in Common Problems, it will not find any drivers.

Help :S


03.07.2006, 09:36
Seems you're missing cdrom.inf then, check (hidden) Windows\Inf folder if it's present. If not, google for it, download it, place it in Windows\Inf folder and try again.

03.07.2006, 12:21
cdrom.inf was there, dled and replaced it just incase, then re-installed Daemon tools again, still no difference. Incedentally, when i go to driver details in the device properties, it tells me "there are no drivers loaded or that need for this device".