View Full Version : dvd-rw becomes cd rom

03.07.2006, 09:11
ok, so after installing and using daemon tools to mount an import game iso, my dvd-rw (an nec nd-2510a) is now defunct, when i open my computer its listed as a dvd-rw, however when i put any type of media in the drive it becomes a cd rom. it will read cds, and while it says it cant read dvds when i put a movie in it will still auto play, but i cant write onto dvd-r/rws. ive already tried doing a system restore, uninstalling daemon tools aswell as my burning software. can anyone plz tell me how to fix this

03.07.2006, 16:28
i have a similar problem. my dvd can still read cds and dvd-rw but not original dvds and dvd-r. not even after daemon uninstall (along with all daemon drivers, sptd.sys etc.) since other users must have similar problems as well can someone please help?

04.07.2006, 16:05
Hi There,

I also have had this problem with my sony crx230ed cdrw becoming a standard cd-rom on numerous occasions.
ive found the only way to fix this problem is a fresh install
of windows.

it would be great if someone could come up with a reason
or fix for it as im sick to death of having to reinstall windows everytime i want to copy an image file.

i was thinkin whether it had something to do with daemon
tools disabling the kernal debugger but hey what do i know

Please Please Please Someone stop the install after install
after install of windows. " IT SUCKS "