View Full Version : Problem mounting image using awxdtools

03.07.2006, 18:28
I think this is the correct forum to post in regarding this topic, please redirect me If I should be posting elsewhere.

I searched the forums here for my problem, but was flooded by a slew of search results regarding a similar error.

The error message I am getting is "Unable to access image file." the title of the error box is "Error" and there is an "OK" button.

This happens when I'm accessing a network share, and right click on an image file using awxdtools to mount it. I am able to copy the image to my hard drive (without changing ANYTHING) and right click and mount it and it works just fine?

Has anyone else had this problem? Any known solutions?

Running windows XP SP2, remote share is running windows server 2003 (I think it's SP1 if I recall corectly). If you neeed any more specs on either computers just ask.

03.07.2006, 20:45
What happens if you use the DTools tray icon to mount the images through the network? If that works, it's a bug in awxDTools and you'll need to contact the author. If not, then post back and let us know.