View Full Version : How to update SPTD driver

03.07.2006, 20:39
With the new release of the SPTD driver, I was excited to get get the latest windows updates (x64) installed and not lose Daemon Tools functionality. Unfortunately, the install file for the new SPTD driver was less than helpful, telling me I needed to add or remove. Here are the steps I figured out in order to get the new driver installed. These all assume that the SPTD install file (sptdinst_x64.exe) is saved to C:\.

1. Start, Run..., C:\sptdinst_x64.exe remove

2. Reboot (ignore Daemon Tools error)

3. Start, Run..., C:\sptdinst_x64.exe add

4. Reboot

5. Install Windows updates (if they are already installed and you're just trying to "fix" your Daemon Tools, you should be good to go).

03.07.2006, 23:49
I'm using the X32 version but is it really necessary to remove SPTD before installing 1.25?

It seems to me that a straight Add would be sufficient followed of course by a reboot. Then there would be no conflicts with DT at all at boot time.

04.07.2006, 00:05
I just created a shortcut to the SPTD installer and added 'add' to the target path.

04.07.2006, 01:02
Uninstall not needed - straight update and reboot should do the job.