View Full Version : Daemon tools for XP without windows installer?????

30.08.2003, 12:06
:( i cannot install daemon tools. i have just re-booted my computer and i have some cue and bin files i want to look at, but i cannot install daemon because my windows installer isn't working. i am also running Windows XP if that helps. is there anyway of getting daemon that doesn't use windows installer. PLEASE HELP. :(

Spark58uk :!:

30.08.2003, 12:28
If your Windows installer is not working, I recommend you repair your Windows installation, because Windows installer is a part of Windows and should work!
Check this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?p=6283).

30.08.2003, 12:38
:D thanks dude. by lookin at that tread i have now fixed my windows installer. if anyone else needs help send them to that thread.