View Full Version : Problem to browse the virtual disc.

05.07.2006, 21:56
I have installed version DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X86 and everything looks fine during the install and mount process.

When I try to explore folders or files on the virtual disc, its works very slow. Autorun will not start and after a while windows gives error message "folder is not responding"

Please need some help to get it to work.:confused:

06.07.2006, 15:29
Do you have this problem with all your image files?

06.07.2006, 16:14
No only this image (a Ghost software), but i tryed to use the same software on another computer and its works fine there.

06.07.2006, 19:33
Disable your anti-virus software and your firewall and look if it happens again.

08.07.2006, 07:42
I tryed to disable and uninstall antivirus and the firewall, but still the same problem.