View Full Version : Visual Studio.NET 2003 - Stops on same file every time...

31.08.2003, 00:02
I am trying to install a DVD ISO of VS.NET 2003 that I grabbed from our IS guys at work. The pre-reqs install fine, but the install STOPS on the same file every time (a .dll file, not sure of the name).

The setup then asks me for the DVD, which should of course be mounted virtually by Daemon Tools? I have tried unmounting and remounting the image, and that doesn't work.

I have turned on and off every option I can think of. Anyone have any idea why this might happen? Is the ISO just bad?

31.08.2003, 00:30
I recall having an error with vs2k3. Is this file extremely long?

I ended up splitting the dvd to 3 cd's and just burning them all.

31.08.2003, 01:28
It is 1.5GB. I unfortunately don't have the DVD proper, is there anyway I can split the ISO in to 3CDS destinctly? And if the setup program thinks it is a DVD, how do I switch the CDs for the next file?

31.08.2003, 02:00
Problem seemingly solved. I simply copied the entire DVD to my HDD and installed from there, seems to be going fine (well past the file that failed before).

Does Daemon Tools possibly have a problem with really long files?

31.08.2003, 03:07
It's possible this iso was non-standard. To split into 3 cd's, i had to modify msi a bit. Using orca, I just changed the entries in the Media table.