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07.07.2006, 17:28
like many others, i have unknowingly installed the WHENU search bar when i was installing daemon tools, a mistake i regret. when i realized this, i quickly went to the control panel and uninstalled everything that had anything to do with whenU. i ran complete searches with spybot, ad-aware, and spyware doctor, just to be sure it was completely gone. the next day, i start up my computer...and down in the lower right hand portion of the screen is an information box that says:


DaemonTools_WhenUSaveNow_Installer.exe is now attempting to connect to the INternet to properly install your software components.

Please be aware that certain firewall and anti-virus / anti-spyware programs may try to block this application. Therefore, we recommend that you click "Allow" or "Ignore" to complete the installation.

Thank you for your patientce-->-->-->-->"

i am instantly pissed off, because i know that i had unistalled all programs that had to do with WhenU. i press ctrl alt del, and check under processes, and sure enough..i see daemonTools_whenUSaveNow_Installer.exe running. i run spybot and adaware again and restart my computer. when my screen loads up, that annoying box pops up again, trying to install the searchbar. now everytime i load up my computer, daemontools_whenUSaveNow_Installer.exe automatically starts up by itself, trying to get me to install the program.

does ANYONE know of a solution to this problem?

07.07.2006, 19:54
Delete the mentioned installer .exe files in Daemon Tools installation folder, then delete related start entries in following registry hive (run regedit):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

07.07.2006, 22:02
deleting it from the registry fixed the problem. thanks alot :D