View Full Version : PowerISO 3.2 Question

09.07.2006, 05:37
Why does Power ISO Virtual Drive Manager look pretty much the same as daemon tools does? Is there any relationship between the two?

10.07.2006, 06:38
Absolutely NO

They simple stole our design (I say NOT our code, although
this is possible, too, we did not check yet).

What I can say for sure: this guy is a poor one - it is a shame
to copy the look from us 1:1, what a poor poor guy.

Unfortunately, we can do nothing against it, as you can't
copyright a software"design" - at least we don't know of any
case where this would be possible. However, should the code
be the same, you can bet this guy will hear from our lawyers
soon ;)

ah - and just to add something: The virtual drives are not even
comparable to DT's ones - it is an extremely "cheap" way to code
something like that and in no way capable to emulate much functionality - if any!

10.07.2006, 17:23
good stuff. keep up the good work guys.

16.07.2006, 18:53
i abolutely agree - it's complete crap. the best combo is DT + UltraISO

20.07.2006, 17:17
well yea these guys have used a similar design....LOL
Copy cats

28.07.2006, 21:09
looks good though