View Full Version : nonexistent virtual peripheral

09.07.2006, 08:43
hi Forum, :)
I have installed daemon tools 4.03
i have a problem in to find the peripheral, because it doesen't appear in resources of the computer of it, of it in management peripheral.
obviously I don't succeed in climbing on any image.
when I try there daemon it says...please waits...but then he stops.
after the installation I have found daemon.log in documents, I don't know if you can be useful. :confused:
when reboot the computer, a message warns me that: "new hardware... SCSIAdapter...installed and ready to the use."

I have tried to install an old version of daemon that in past I had used, but nothing. the virtual peripheral has disappeared.
I would like to have a suggestion.
thanks :)

I have an OS windows XP Home editions.

you excuse for the English...use a translation program. :D