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02.09.2003, 03:14
Just tried to back up my copy of medieval total war with clony and clonecd. It installs off the copy, but when u run the game it doesnt get past the first intro picture. Its only safedisc 2.51. Any advice, should i use blindwrite or Daemon tools, is there anything i may have done wrong with clone cd?

02.09.2003, 03:15
also used betablocker

04.09.2003, 14:17
Ability to copy safedisc 2.51 protected cds successfully is hardware dependant and there is no only about it. Most writers can't do it. (It's just that even fewer writers can successfully copy safedisc 2.9.)

What writer do you have?

04.09.2003, 21:25
The best way is the fast dump method :
- Enable in Daemon safedisc emulation
- Launch the game
- Exit the game
- Do your cd Image with Alcohol 120 or BW or CloneCD
- Bad sector area should be read in a few second
- Burn the image with or without weak sectors modification called EFM correction for example (refer to the help of the burning program) depending on your cd writer capability to burn the weak sectors .

- If the backup still request the orginal cd activate safedisc emulation in daemon before playing .

- Also a backup without dameon help will never start from a cd writer