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12.07.2006, 22:23
hi . i installed deamon tools and alochol 120 % and now i cant autorun dvd games . i.e. i put bf 2 disc in and it wont start and when i try autorun form my computer it says D:\ is not a valid Win32 application - this must be beacuse of the newly insatlled iso tools (Deamon tools) . i have un installed them both but the problem presists . please someone tell me what i can do to fix this problem - ive run out of ides and am desperate !:confused:

my email is zakowako@hotmail.co.uk - plz if you can help send a copy of your post to my email aswell.

thank you

12.07.2006, 23:33
Does this happen to all original DVD Games or only on BF 2. Does this happen only on Image Games or only on BF2 Image ?

Maybe your BF2 image is broken, create a new one and try other games aswell to figure out where the problem comes from.

And nexttime plz post more specific about your problem, and you will get the answer faster.

13.07.2006, 11:09
its not even an image - its the real disc that isnt playing - its the image software that has messed up my drives and i dont know how to fix it and this is with all dvd games i think.

13.07.2006, 12:26
First of all i think its not really related to DT. Maybe the DVD has a little scratch that makes it unreadable.

Try some burned CD/DVDs and Applications when you have. Plz try other games aswell to see if the problem still exist. When yes, try uninstall your Optical drive via device manager and reinstall it.

14.07.2006, 11:15
im a noob at this so im nbot sure what you meant about optical drive ? but it is related to DT because this is the same problem for half my dvd's and it only happend after i installed DT.

14.07.2006, 13:05
With the Optical Drive i mean your CD/DVD-Rom Drive in the 3,5" Drive.