View Full Version : unlocking DT 4.0x

13.07.2006, 06:40
I get an error when trying to start Spellforce.
ERROR! Daemon Tools is installed but locked! Please unlock Daemon Tools and restart Application.

At first I was using v4.00 but then upgraded to 4.03. I found there is a -lock option for DT but I can't find anything that can unlock it. Also, I checked if -lock is in my shortcut but it wasn't.

I tried with secure mode on and off (in case that is what locking is about). Same error either way.

I have 2 drives, V: and W:. I also tried leaving my .iso unmounted so I can use the real CD. Same error. I even tried to start the game while 4.00 was uninstalled and before starting to install 4.03. Still same error.

If it matters, I am using Win2000 and I have a real SCSI card, and both real DVD drives (Q: and R:) are ATAPI.