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04.09.2003, 08:50
Is there anybody with knowledge about wich DVD burner is the best buy?
Here, in Demark" two lowprise label is in store. -

NEC ND 1000A DVD+RW 2.4X / DVD+R 2.4X / DVD-ROM 12X
CD-RW 10X / CD-R 16X / CD-ROM 40X
Price: 1095 DKr.


Lite-On LDW-401S 4X DVD+RW / 4X DVD+R / 12X DVD-ROM
CD-RW 24X / CD-R 40X / CD-ROM 40X
Price: 979 DKr.

Or maybe a totally different label?

04.09.2003, 09:52
You should buy a writer able to write DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) - so go for e.g the new Sony writer.

Black Raven
24.03.2004, 05:43
I would wait since by midyear sony will start to release the dual layer dvd burners so you would be able to make a full backup of your dvds without having to decrease quality or take out special features.