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16.07.2006, 08:36
I just installed Daemon Tools yesterday, on a machine that for security reasons will never be connected to the net. Maybe I'm missing something obvious that it's assumed I should know, but as I understand it I'm supposed to be able to opt out of WhenU. Every time I boot up, the WhenU installer pops up, halting the process, and waiting for a connection. I can't find it after closing it.
Please tell me how to get rid of this nuisance. I really don't think you all intend for an active net connection to be a requirement in order to install your software:confused:

16.07.2006, 11:00
An internet connection is required for the adware installation.
If you don't want the adware, just disable Daemon Tools Search Bar checkbox in installation dialog.
To avoid the messages after each boot delete the mentioned installer *.exe files in Daemon Tools installation folder, then delete related start entries in following registry hive (run regedit):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

16.07.2006, 16:26
Yes, with your information I was able to remove the installer, however it set it'self running at all times. I had to use a third party deletion tool to set a "schedule delete at boot"

This was in Win2K, SP4, and the tool I used was "DeleteDoc"

28.07.2006, 21:12
I suggest everyone install the daemon searchbar, its a program we love why not show our thanks?

29.07.2006, 05:35
Or.... you could opt-out and purchase Daemon-Tools instead...
That way you get to show your appreciation, without installing spyware on your pc :)

30.07.2006, 03:00
without installing spyware on your pc :)
Adware ;)