View Full Version : FineReader Pro 6 / ProtectCD V3.0

05.09.2003, 13:34
I am having great dificulty in creating a backup copy of Abbyy FineReader Pro 6. After many attempts I finally managed to to make a working image with CloneCD (Nero, Alcohol120% & WinISO all failed to make a working image)
but whenever I try and burn this image, the resulting CD doesn't work - I am asked for the original CD. Someone told me to try ClonyXXL to find the protection and use the latest Alcohol120% software to copy it, which I did. The resulting image doesn't work.
I am totally stumped as to what to do. It's isn't a cheap bit of software and I would really like to make a backup copy but I can't seem to do it.
Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do? (treat me as a newbie plz!)


05.09.2003, 14:27
What is this program protected by?

05.09.2003, 19:04
According to ClonyXXL, ProtectCD V3.0

06.09.2003, 02:06
AFAIR ProtectCD before V5 works with Subchannel-Data. You need a writer which is able to burn Subchannel-Data. Please post your hardware here, so I can check if it's capable or not

06.09.2003, 03:45
I have an MSI 52x24x52x CD-RW
(both numbers refere to me writer)