View Full Version : IRQ Conflict

17.07.2006, 04:52
After Daemon Tools is installed, if I try to do anything with the sound card driver (update/reinstall/uninstall), my system will lock up.

After investigation, I discover Daemon Tools share the same IRQ as my sound card. After uninstalling daemon tools, the problem with my sound card driver was fixed.

It is to my surprise that this was the source of the problem.

My sound card was an old SoundBlaster.

17.07.2006, 16:06
A lot of devices share IRQ's, it's the nature of computers. There aren't enough IRQ's technically to cover every device, so they have to share. Some older devices don't play so well with IRQ sharing, however. Try changing the IRQ of your sound card and then reinstall DTools. That should hopefully fix the problem.