View Full Version : Virtual SCSI Drive not detected.

28.11.2002, 03:42
whenever i try to run Daemon Tools, i get the above error. Im running Windows XP Proffessional, My other computer also running Windows XP, can run daemon tools perfectly well, i can see the generic STEALTH DVD device in the windows device manager, so why cant Daemon Tools? :P

28.11.2002, 08:32
hey man, someone has already asked look down at the bottom.. all you gotta do is uninstall Nero Image CD and then reinstall Daemon toolz..

28.11.2002, 09:52
I dont have nero.

28.11.2002, 18:16
You mean you installed Daemon on XP successfully and STEALTH CDROM running in device manager? Does reboot help?
If not - check that you did not set 'Win98 Compatibility' mode for Daemon.

28.11.2002, 18:23
I havent touched it, no compatibility settings :(