View Full Version : Automating mounting/unmount

06.09.2003, 15:54
Hello all,

I actually have a legitimate use for Daemon Tools :)

I have a bunch of kid games that my kid plays. He's not quite old enough to handle swapping the CD's in and out, so I made images of them and now he can run them through Daemon Tools just fine. Except... I have more than 4 games. I have more like 8.

I tried DaemonScript, but it doesn't work. Every time I run a script it just says "This script is paused, would you like to terminate?" and does nothing.


I am a programmer and I would like to write something like DamonScript that actually works. I assume that DaemonTools has a C/C++ DLL that I can import methods from and call, but is there any developer information on this?


Are there any tools like DaemonScript that actually work so I don't have to write one myself?


08.09.2003, 21:24
I am author of daemonscript. I will discuss this with you via email.