View Full Version : DT 3.33 - Windows XP SP1 problems

06.09.2003, 21:52

I have been using Daemon Tools 3.23 without problems, then installed version 3.33 today after uninstalling the previous one. When mounting an image, Windows XP SP1 crashed immediately. I went back to the Windows logon, and was able to log in without problems. All my programs loaded, including the new DT, but from then on I couldn't do anything else anymore. Whatever I tried to start, Windows would just sit there. The hd light was hardly flashing, so it didn't look like there was a lot of usage, but the system acted like there was. Several reboots (reset button on pc, because I couldn't access the restart button) didn't help.

I was able to log in as a different user on the system, where I was told that Windows recovered from a serious error which was ASPI driver related (then version 4.69 I believe, I upgraded to 4.71.2 immediately, but even then after another reboot I couldn't access anything using the other user logon). Everything worked fine on the alternative user side, and I uninstalled DT from there. Afterwards everything was back to normal, and I could use my regular user logon again.

I've got Nero 5.51050 installed, no other cd emulators, and am not using Easy CD Creator.

That's all I can tell you at this point.

06.09.2003, 21:59
Do you have minidump (in Windows\minidump folder) you can send us for further analysis?
Also disable the automatic reboot in case of BSOD.

07.09.2003, 02:30
Copytrooper, thanks for your reply!

I sent an email with the file to andareed.

I just searched google for the automatic reboot settings, because I had no idea how to go about that. I guess that's also why my pc never shuts down, just reboots when I try to shut it down. I'll look at this more tomorrow, and disable it then.

Thanks again!