View Full Version : perma reboot with V4.03 (SPTD-Driver (V1.25)

19.07.2006, 23:07
i have a system with PCI raid controller (when i read here .. RAID is a problem for daemon tools)
old versions 3.47 --> 2.88 say virtualSCSI driver not found

the 4.03 version have a other intressted bug:
i start installation ..
the SPTD driver will installed .. i say yes
the driver will reboot and say after reboot the install will continue
i become the same info from SPTD .. system will make reboot ....
i make reboot... after SPTD say system must reboot..
blablabla .. when i press chancel the installing is stoped .. and i have NOTHING from daemons tool on HD ..

sry for my bad english ..
greets rally