View Full Version : Is there a way to create an IMG/ISO/BIN which only contains the copy protection code?

07.09.2003, 12:40

All the games I have are protected by Safedisc/SecureROM, and once installed, I only access the mounted Virtual CD images from within the game to validate the protection code. I NEVER EVER access these images directly myself for files. However, of course, I have to store the full CD image - each being ~700Mb.

Is there a way to create an img which contains only the protection sectors required for authentication? Maybe with the directory structure to access this?


Is there a way to edit/remove files from such a virtual image (BWT/BIN) to reduce its size without affecting the protection?


Does anyone have any experience in just truncating imgs - literally deleting the image file after the first 50Mb (100Mb whatever) - so that the protection/directory structure is still intact, but the rest is not (and would probably throw up a big error if it were ever accessed).

Many thanks

07.09.2003, 12:55
No, no, and no - copy protections check a lot, defect sectors, sub-channel data, physical structure of original, cd size, and, and, and ... so it wonÒ‘t work that way.