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07.09.2003, 19:48
ok here's the deal:

lately I've purchased a netmd minidisc, and am recording to it many livesets... livesets consist of a big .mp3, and a track indexing .cue, which allows me to create an image out of the mp3 with seperated tracks, for easy navigation between the tracks in the set, and also providing the names of each song and artist.
thats very convinient, except the fact i need to create an image file using nero for each liveset.
I wondered if its possible to make daemon tools (which is a much prefered utility for me then nero imagedrive) be able to load the mp3 cue files along with the mp3 directly instead. currently, when i try to do that, dtools give me an error: "Unable to mount image. Cue sheet: line 1 - Unknown file type."
That would be VERY handy!
I should also note, after making the .nrg image with nero, and trying to load THAT with daemon tools, it doesnt load it properly.

Thanks in advance, Magneto.

07.09.2003, 19:59
No! (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=65) :roll: