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07.09.2003, 22:01
I created a backup of Soul Calibur II game files onto my computer, but I cant find my SCII Disc now, but I still have the files, how do I compile them to a PSX file so I can play them using a PSX Emulator? Or what program do I need, I have DaemonTOols, but I dont think it works with files. The files are in AFS format, OLK format, DAT format, 43 format, IRX format, and IMG format. I do have a DVD ROM, thats how I created a backup. So anyone who knows give me a reply, thanx!

10.01.2004, 18:28
with WHAT tool you created those scary file-formats?! :shock:

11.01.2004, 20:42
Ideally you would use the same program you used to dump the image as there are plenty of applications out there for you to choose from. Your current situation, however, may warrant a trip to Google.

07.11.2004, 13:36
I used WinIso to play my games on a emulator

11.11.2005, 02:26
Gosh!! Making a PlayStation 1 CD image is a walk in the park compared to the anti-copy protection that I have been hearing about in the new PC games!!

I just was required to use raw data mode and was successful with ISOBuster.