View Full Version : Argh, Civiliaztion 3 with Liteon52x24x52x

08.09.2003, 02:34
ok, here's my status:
im trying to copy Civilization 3, some versions of ClonyX(X)L are saying its safedisc 2, others safedisc 2.5, other's safedsic 8, while i see it as safedisc 2.6 on this site
ive got two liteon products: 52x24x52x and a 166s
ive used clonecd in the past and have been able to backup w/o emulation
safedisc 1
safedisc 2
securom 1
securom 2

i dont know what settings to use for civilization 3, i have created an image, mounted it w/ clonecd and no emulation, and it runs fine, but when i burn it to a cdrw, and reinstall the game (because it will only work w/ the same drive letter) i get an insert disc error after the splash screen (checks for sectors)

now, when i select the hidecdr media option it works, that all fine and dandy, but i dont want to click that every time, i am fairly sure that my burner can handle safedisc 2.8, but i think im using wrong settings, can someone tell me what settings to use

win xp sp1
adaptec aspi 4.60


08.09.2003, 09:12
If you play from writer youґve to enable a hide-ATIP-function, ґcause SafeDisc checks ATIP in writers to identify backups.