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28.11.2002, 03:14
Hey all.

I know this has been discussed on many other boards but I'm having trouble burning (or rather even creating 1:1 images of) Medal of honor.

Ive got 2 cd writers, one is a 24x10x40 Diamond Data, and the other one is a Lite-On 48x12x48. I use the Lite-on for creating images and burning.

Now the thing is I've burnt perfect copies of MOHAA easily before using my old Acer 20x10x40 (I think that was it);
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but im having serious trouble using my new lite-on.

Im using Clone-CD 3 to create the images with fast error skip on. My fast error skip settings are 'read retries', 2, and 'Error correction', none, or software.

Now even after this I get problems. The game installs without a hitch from DT but when I try to run (from DT) I get this error:


If I can just get the IMAGES working properly I'm sure I can burn with my Lite-on.... anyone know what im doing wrong? I crave 1:1 backups.


28.11.2002, 09:10
Use CloneCD4, use settings read retries 0, and error correction hardware, then use a lower read speed (<=20x) ...
MOHAA is protected by SD2.51.021 so it should be no problem with your LiteOn 48x ...
btw do you use the newest Daemon Tools version?

28.11.2002, 09:22
yep i do use the latest daemon version

28.11.2002, 10:18
Do you use newest firmware for your LiteOn 48x? Latest firmwares for both 48x drives (S & W) contain great improvements.

28.11.2002, 11:45
hmmm dunno what firmware is :S

28.11.2002, 12:49
If the game exits with such a message it#s most likely NOT a problem with the image/copy. I guess there's a hardware or driver problem.
Update your graphics and sound drivers to the latest versions!

28.11.2002, 12:50
Firmware is the BIOS of your writer ;)
Which LiteOn 48x do you have? The 48125S oder 48125W? Check it in control panel -> system -> CDROM ... it should be something like 1S0x for the S-model, or VS0x for the W-model ... then check LiteOnґs firmware page (http://www.liteonit.com/e-down-f.asp), download the newest firmware for your drive (1S05 for the S-model, VS08 for the W-model, start the flash program, if the firmware of your writer is not already one of those versions. You wonґt be able to downgrade your writer, so donґt worry ...
btw did you try to create an image with the settings and lower read speed I mentioned?
And give some more info about your system, CPU, RAM, VGA - do you use newest drivers for your VGA?

28.11.2002, 13:11
athlon xp 2200+
GF4 ti 4400
512mb ddr333
asus a7v333 mobo
audigy de soundcard

no its not a video/hardware problem because when i install off my original cds and run from them it works fine, so it must be an image problem.

my burner is the 48125W, and yea i had previously tried using 10x reading to make the images, get same problem. installs fine from images but wont run from them....

and once ive installed from my images, it wont even run from the original cd's, which it does when i install from the originals....

28.11.2002, 13:20
Did you install the MOHAA-updates?

28.11.2002, 15:13
that shouldnt make a dif, like i said it runs fine standard when installed off the original cd's :(

but wont run at all when installed from images i made

28.11.2002, 15:39
Well, as I said use CloneCD4, and try to create an image without fast error skip ... if you donґt want to wait for all those SafeDisc errors to be read, you can use Daemon Tools fast dump feature if you want ...
and check the log ... first error should be sector #811, last error should be sector #10019 - there must be NO other errors between #0-810 and #10020-end!

29.11.2002, 03:27
yea thats exactly what ive been seeing, errors start and end on exactly those sectors..... bah i give up, ill try clone cd 4 again even tho same thing happend with that

30.11.2002, 03:03
If even the originals fail with the Version you installed from the images, it's possible that the images contains serious readerrors. Try to create the image with lower read-speeds, I've been in trouble long time ago to create a image even from Safedisc 1 protected game (Rune) -> disc was scratched !

I've tested Daemon Tools with Image of MOHAA, created Image with BlindRead -> works flawlessly.

09.12.2002, 06:14
i too am experiencing the same problems... if i understand clearly what your saying... i have made a back up of the cd... with CloneCD4... the image when mounted by Daemon tools works great... it installs and plays from the image fine... but when i make the image onto a cd... its that cd that will not play the game... i think somehow the cd-check doesnt transfer onto the cd ?? even with clonecd4's hide cd-r and daemon's emulators activated.. the cd itself will not function with the game? i have heard of a function with daemon tools that allows copies of this to work.. its been suggested its called fastdumping... but i still cant get it to work? can someone detail step by step what needs to be done?? thanks in advance..!! :?

09.12.2002, 09:18
Your problem is different, it has to do with the copy protection of MOHAA (SafeDisc 2.51.021) - if you want to use fast dump just enable Daemon Toolґs SafeDisc emulation with your original cd in your cd/dvd drive, start MOHAA, exit it, then create an image with e.g. CloneCD -> check the log! All SafeDisc errors should be read in about 10 secs - this is how fast dump works. Write the image to cd-r(w) and play with enabled SafeDisc emulation - will work for sure!

11.12.2002, 21:23
Okay, what the hell does this mean?
Component Transfer Error

Component: Data Files Complete
File Group: Data Files Complete
File: D:\main\Pak2.pk3
Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

I get this when installing disc 2 at the said file.
I used CloneCD 4 with no fast-error skip (also tried with FES)
I have a Lite-on LTR-48125W with WS08 FW.
Even tried reading at 1x, to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.
errors at 811-10019 and 184535. Could this be the problem? Maybe a scratched CD? I see no visible scratches...

11.12.2002, 21:33
It means bad backup (read error) - try again.
There MUST be NO errors >10019, so the error you have at 184535 is the problem.
Disable fast error skip, use lower read speed ... if you donґt want to wait so long for the SafeDisc errors to be read, use Daemon Tools fast dump feature.