View Full Version : Windows XP Prof SP 2 and standby problem

23.07.2006, 11:38

I recenently encountered that using DT4 causes a problem with the standby mode under XP (ASUS A3G laptop). The computer goes to standby correctly but waking the mashine up again causes the hole system to reboot. To be shure I uninstalled DT and everything worked fine again. Reinstalling DT results in the same problem.

any hints for that?

best, Mirco

23.07.2006, 13:59
Is there a minidump available related to such crash (in Windows\Minidump folder)? If so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread (unpacked, i.e. not ZIP'ed nor RAR'ed etc.).

23.07.2006, 21:35
no, unfortunately not. Even if %systemroot%/Minidump would be the right folder for minidump I cannot find anything in this folder. Is there anything I may do to get one? pls let me know....

24.07.2006, 11:41
Check in system properties -> advanced -> startup and recovery -> if "Write Debugging Information" is set to minidump (64kb); while you're there disable the "Automatically reboot" option, so you'll see BSOD messages in the future.

28.07.2006, 16:29
Do you use newest SPTD layer version (v1.25)?