View Full Version : I can't install Daemon Tools!!

09.09.2003, 10:38
I'm sorry to find that Daemon tools can't be installed in my PC.Once I try to install it,at last the error is out:the computer terminate all proceeding and restart.The system log says this:Can't load system device stwlfbus.Then I find in the device Manager that PNP Bios Extension is error:Driver is not installed.Why?

I have set the CDROM UDMA disable,closed the CDROM Cache.But the same problem.

I have tried many kinds of virtual drive software.All can't be installed!!

My pc's Detail:OS-Windows 2000 SP4,Two CDROM Device(CDROM+CD RW).

09.09.2003, 14:01
Mail me please to venom386@daemon-tools.cc - we'll try to investigate it.