View Full Version : the game i am trying to play says that i should disable daemon!

26.07.2006, 22:37
i've mounted an image (*.mdf extension) to play the game Need for speed Most Wanted, until there everything is okay, but when i attempt to play the game, it says that i should disable all CD/DVD emulation and then insert CD, however if i do this, how am i supossed to play the game? Looks like the game has blacklisted daemon tools. The game used to work, but i had to uninstall it and then reinstall it later.

the same problem happens with FIFA 06

26.07.2006, 23:44
ok, I understand that this is all new to you. However, we have
a search-function here on the board. Why do you not simple
use it to get some answers?

In short: you need some kind of anti-blacklist. I suggest you
to look for CureROM on the net. Or SD4hide, should also work.
Of course you do not have to deinstall DaemonTools. And
now I think its time to read here through our forums to gain
some knowledge and you can help yourself within minutes