View Full Version : SPTD 1.24 (Kernel debugger) Problem solved

28.07.2006, 09:57
Hi all =)

I am running WinXP Prof x64 and i had the same problem as many of u. Yesterday i used an older image i made to recover my system, where i installed Daemon 4.03 3 month ago and it runs perfect with my hardware. After updating my windows and rebooting my system BAAAM same error like everytime before.

So here's the clue ->

I deinstalled the last 2 windowsupdates through software->show all updates-> deinstall

and now everything works fine. I repeated the procedure 2 times, cause it only takes 3 min to recover =) and i fixed it twice, so i hope this helps u all.

Greetings from Germany (munich)


28.07.2006, 10:05
What planet are you from?
The issue was fixed weeks ago with release of SPTD layer v1.25.
Welcome to the real world ...