View Full Version : pdi images in v3.33

10.09.2003, 10:43
just installed DeamonTools 3.33, thought *.pdi images where supported, at least I read something about it. But that version doesn't seem to support'm yet. Are your specifications wrong?


10.09.2003, 13:20
Nope, Daemon Tools supports pdi-images exactly after Pinnacleґs specifications, unfortunaltely their own software (e.g. InstantCopy/DVD) produces corrupt images which are unmountable.
All bugs with pdi-images were reported to Pinnacle two months ago, unfortunately thereґs neither an update, nor a new version out yet.

10.09.2003, 14:52
Hang On I was under the impression that they were going to be fully supported in the release that's currently in beta.
At least that's the impression I got from:
(My posts were made well after 3.33 was released)

Anyway I wouldn't expect much in the way of useful technical support from their tech support. Second worst I have ever come across (well at least they reply - unlike MSI) They give responses that my 13 year old brother would come up with.. EVEN when you tell them you've already done it or that their suggestion has no effect on the problem they still make exactly the same suggestion and it takes them over a month to respond!

10.09.2003, 15:44
Thatґs correct - Daemon Tools v3.33 does NOT support pdi-images.
Next version will, but you still may encouter problems due to the problems mentioned above - so do NOT blame us!