View Full Version : Up XP Installation -- Internal Error 2503 and 2502

28.11.2002, 07:36
Well I was using WinME with Daemon Tool 3.26. Then upgraded it into XP. Then obviously it is messed up. I can't load the program, it replies me with "the SCSI Driver not found" or something like that. Then I try to uninstall it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and it replies me about Internal Error 2503 and 2502.

From this forum I know this is a bug of upgrading to XP. Then I follow the instructions in the forum to remove it (i.e. editing registry). But after I removed, I still can't install it. Still the same Internal Error reply! Now I am stuck....I just can see my C: D: E: and G: , and skipped the F:, which should be the daemon driver.

can anyone help me :cry: :cry: