View Full Version : New installation nightmare!!

29.07.2006, 06:52
I upgraded to 4.03 and I got all sort of installation errors. I uninstalled/installed until it wouldn't boot up anymore under windows xp 32bit.

Mobo: nforce4 Ultra Lan PartyD
CPU: AMD Opteron
Vid: GeForce 7800 GT
Sound: X-Fi XtremeMusic

I had to delete stpd.sys and dtscsi.sys from the recovery screen in order to get it started again.

Now here are the problems:
1. For some reason I'm getting slow performance on my PC, and sometimes apps won't start until I shut down others (never happend before)

2. Some games won't work anymore. Even with the original CD and no image mounted. And yes, I tried re-installing them. Warcraft 3 is an especially troublesome one.

3. Right-Clicking sometimes doesn't work, like when you right click to see extra options, mouse is fine, this usually happens when resources are low (see problem 1)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

29.07.2006, 14:40
If you removed Daemon Tools and its related drivers, the issues can not be caused by it.
You can check in e.g. taskmanager which task requires that much cpu usage.