View Full Version : Can DT be run from a pendrive?

29.07.2006, 22:32

I am just to buy an iPod, and i would use it to store all my game collection, and also play the games from it.
But i wanted to take my iPod to anywhere, and play from any computer.
Can I install the daemon tools in my iPod, and run it from there?

30.07.2006, 01:16
just put a copy of the dt installation on the ipod, install from that.

daemon tools uses drivers, and they go into the system\drivers folder, dont think you could put those on the ipod drive... wont work....

30.07.2006, 01:32
so i can just keep the instalation stup in the iPod, and install it in every computer i'll go?

30.07.2006, 09:27
yeh, if u can put the exe on your ipod then it should work, dont know if ipods can store exe's as i haven't got one... i have dt installer on my usb pendrive, and have installed it over a network too... no problems at all, easiest way u could try is...

1. copy installer exe to the ipod
2. if it was successful, run the installer
3. cancel the installer (presuming you already installed daemon tools)
4. job done