View Full Version : shortcut key-s for mounting

13.09.2003, 09:18
for example:
ctrl + numpad1 image1.iso
ctrl + numpad2 image2.iso
ctrl + numpad0 unmount drive

that's all :)

13.09.2003, 11:08
My guess is that this would be made redundant by the fact that Daemon tools can already automatically mount images at startup, and the interface is so easy to get to change he mounted images that keystroke shortcuts would only add to the clutter of coding.

Again, though, this is only a guess.

If you use the script program available, then you might look into Hoekey, a key board short cut program that has a very small footprint and allows you to make keyboard shortcuts using the windows, control, shift, alt, or any combination of these key plus a standard key.

14.09.2003, 09:21
point is some games dont like changing windows to windowns(os). but they ask second cd. so i cant do nothing. DaemonScript hangs my computer weirldy, programs are like unresponding, but they aint. and its impossible to close them. final thing i can do is to press reset button.

14.09.2003, 12:01
The Vdesk software offers 8 hotkeys (LWIN+FN) via hooks, so they will work almost all the time, even while running most games. Unmounting is not possible by using a blank image name, but the hotkeys can launch BTEWin batch files, so if you want to unmount an image just create a .bte file that contains the following

unmount device number


unmount drive letter

and add it to one of the slots.

A more recent version of the software can be found at my homepage.