View Full Version : Does Daemon Tools affect the BIOS level? (ongoing problems..)

01.08.2006, 05:04
I tried to install Daemon Tools last weekend, but my computer locked up when it tried to reboot XP. A few clean installs later, my computer still seems buggier than normal. For instance, I can't seem to install DivX codecs (I get the standard windows error message during the installation) - this has never happened before, especially on clean installs, which is why i'm wondering if DT may have left something corrupt within the BIOS.

I've actually formatted the hard drives and installed windows from scratch, but it still occasionally locks up on reboot at the same spot that it would after the failed DT install/reboot that seems to have started all this.

So can you please tell me if your program is designed to modify information within the bios, and if so, how I can fix this problem?

Thank you..

01.08.2006, 09:57
No, Daemon Tools works in Windows only.