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13.09.2003, 11:17
At the top of the forums page, unlike most other forums, this place has a link ot the main homepage when you are viewing a message, followed by a link to the particular forum you are viewing.

Most other forums have a link to the main forum index followed by a link to the particular forum you are viewing.

I keep the main panel on the left hidden, and when I want to go to the next forum I have to click the forums link on the hidden panel.

Was this design intentional? Just curious - not saying it is a bad thing, just different - and so I am naturally curious if this was done by design and the reason behind it.

EDIT:: However, whenever I am editing a message / posting a reply, the links at the top are consistent with other forums - showing the main forum index, followed by the forum ...

DOUBLE EDIT:: I posted this here as I initially felt this was a mistake - but as I have been thinking about it I realize that it may not be a mistake, and thus may actually belong in the suggestion forum - however, since this is not a real suggestion, but in effect a query, I leave it up to the system god to decide :twisted:

13.09.2003, 15:04
Which template are you using? I use icicle and I see this link fine.

14.09.2003, 15:47
Ahh - I see now by template what you were referring to.

I am using icicle as well.

14.09.2003, 15:50
I just verified this again - when I am reading a particular thread, or when I am in a particular forum, there is no link at the top to return to the forum index - I have to use the forum link in the menu on the left to get back to the forum index to see what other forums have new posts in them for me to read.

But here, when I am typing a reply, there is a link at the top to the Daemon Tools Homepage Forum Index.