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01.08.2006, 20:20
For a while, I stuck to using DT 3.4.7 because of this issue. I am a technical professional who is fighting the battle against spyware everyday on over 800 computers at a time. While I am completely against WhenU because of its malicious properties, Daemon-Tools does not contain the harmful version. WhenU is in fact a company that still creates programs that install in the background without the user's consent and collects user information and browser habits, reflecting the ads that it barrages people with. WhenU has gotten sued by many people and companies and actually lost many of their cases. As a result, they began making a less harmful product that would appeal to people looking for a software sponsor.

While I am still 100% against WhenU's existence, again, Daemon-Tools possesses the non-harmful version meant for the public.

I recently was forced to use 4 on a user's desktop, and my-my, it was easy to opt out. For those having trouble with the Searchbar, just uncheck the checkbox next to Daemon-Tools Searchbar and be on your way. After a voluntary scan with several different anti-spyware and anti-malware products, nothing was found. If you do find any of it in your computer after installing (and you did opt out), do not complain to these people. You have another problem on your hands...

Thanks, Jelsoft. Daemon-Tools is an awesome product...

03.08.2006, 14:03
you're welcome ;)

Thats what we always stated. However, "Jelsoft Ltd." is the
creator of the forum-software. If you want to say "thank you"
for DaemonTools, it should be "DT Soft Ltd." :D

22.08.2006, 22:48

Thanks for your feedback. By the way WhenU corporation changed a LOT since 2003-2004.

>... still creates programs that install in the background >without the user's consent ...

If you do have at least one case of HIDDEN installation of current WhenU applications please report it to us!