View Full Version : Phantom Drop Down list on forum pages

13.09.2003, 11:27
Opps - I discovered a slight annoyance on the page - it never did this, so I am at a loss as to why it is doing it now.

For the record, I have tried both logging out and rebooting completely - still having the same problem here.

On most pages there is a jump to forum drop down list hat exists - however, on my pages, there is a phantom drop down list that appears at almost the exact same spot on every forum page that I visit - and it will not disappear *until* I navigate to the very bottom of the page and the real drop down list shows up in the page.

Even weirder though it the fact that right now, as I am typing this, the "real" and Phantom drop downs are both there- the phantom approximately 20 pixels below the real one.

Is anyone else experiencing this strange occurrence?

EDIT:: My mistake - I thought it does disappear when I navigate to the bottom of the page, but in fact it does not - the forum topic I looked at for verification was long and it had simply scrolled off the screen.

My specs:

P4 2.0 GHz (Northwood) with 512 KB L2 Cache
1.25 GB PC2100 RAM
dual 200 GB ATA 100 7200 rpm Drives
nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 based GA with 64 MB RAM and dual heads
ViewSonic GS 790 Monitor (18" Viewable)

Win XP SP1 with all update through Sept 12, 2003
1600 X 1200 resolution with 32 it true color

I suspect that the resolution I use is part of the problem, as I remember the old site used to have links prior to entering the portal for 800 X 600 and 1024 X 768.

Any ideas?

13.09.2003, 15:03
I used to see this phantom box. What template are you using? From what I can tell, it seems to be an ie problem.

14.09.2003, 15:46
template? I amy be misunderstanding the question here....

strangely enough, I was also experiencing win 16 subsystem low memory errors when trying to install Eudora - needless to say, it is gone now, and the phantom is as well.

I shut the machine down this morning and booted into Lindows, played around a little, then booted back to Xp - all seems fine now.

Must have been a temporarily glitched dll somewhere that was causing me fits - and it didn't repair on a warm boot - only fixed itself on a cold boot.

ah well.