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02.08.2006, 20:41

In a game I'm playing, it is required the switch CD images. However, I can't seem to get the game to start in windowed mode, or tab it down. I've tried using two virtual CD drives and mounted the two different images at once, but the game does not accept that. It seems as the game only accepts one CD drive.

Is there any alternative way of controlling mounting/unmounting, or even better, anything I can grab to force the game to run in windowed mode?

02.08.2006, 22:31
What you can try is to create a .bat file in theDaemon-Tools installation directory with the mounting commands for the 2nd image, like this:

daemon.exe -mount 0,"c:\My Images\mygame_cd2.mds"
This mounts the image file from the 2nd cd to device 0.
You need to edit it with the path of your image file...
See this for help:http://daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/daemonhelp.php?helppage=16#commandlineswitches

Then create a shortcut for this .bat fileon your desktop.
Right-click on that shortcut and pree Properties.
Go to shortcut (can be sth. else) and choose/enter a hotkey,
maybe CTRL + ALT + I

Then start up your game with the first cd mounted and press that hotkey when the game requires the 2nd cd. Maybe that work for you.