View Full Version : Playstation HELP!!!!

13.09.2003, 21:24
How do i make a perfect Playstation game copy with Alcohol 120%??? When i made a copy the playstation wont load it plz i need som help here!!!!

13.09.2003, 21:32
Do you have a mod-chip installed? Your Playstation backups wonÒ‘t work without it.

13.09.2003, 21:33
of course i have but it wont work either :(

13.09.2003, 22:13
For newer games you need hardware able to read and write subchannel data uncorrected, i.e. DAO-PW/DAO-96 mode.

13.09.2003, 22:17
Well in Alcohol 120% there is a option to choose "Play Station" i use but the game wont get loading in the ps shall i do something more in the burning process..... (The game i want to make i copy is Final Fantasy 8)

13.09.2003, 22:22
In Image Burning Wizard use RAW-DAO write mode, and do NOT check "Rectify Sub-Channel Data", and write slow (i.e. 4x max).

13.09.2003, 23:34
well i did the way you sad but it wont work it stops right in the loading you know when a ps game load it come up a big red P logo, the loading stop right there. oh yeah the game i want to copy is Final Fantasy 8 its a old game now i think.

13.09.2003, 23:47
New enough to be protected - which writer do you use? And which media?

13.09.2003, 23:49
I use GoldStar writer!

21.09.2003, 11:26
How old is the mod-chip? Some games only work with newer mod-chips.

Personally, I prefer a PSX boot disk. It will allow you to play NTSC games on PAL, and burned backups. They require no tampering with the console, and they are pretty affordable.