View Full Version : DVD drive peculiarities

02.08.2006, 22:00
MY dvd drive without a CD in the drive shows 266MB in total size column... free space 0 bytes.

I uninstalled Alcohol 120% and Daemons tools... and also downloaded SPTDinst_x86 today and uninstalled that, and still same this... I can reboot and its still the same..

Atleast now after uninstalling those two apps... I can read several DVD's without having to reboot...

otherwise before if I ever burned a DVD with nero... I'd never be able to check if things went well or if its readable without having to reboot or try mounting images on another nearby computer if I'm backing up a whole bunch of DVDs.

So basically there is something wrong... no matter how you toss it... my computer is like a broken limb that will never be the same it seems, even if it heals up... hope somebody knows how to correct this burning abnormality.

04.08.2006, 17:07
Enable Auto Insert Notification, it is likely that a burning program or a program like VMWare disabled it on your computer.